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There is no place like home. Every homeowner has an emotional connection with the place where he sees both the best and worst, the sunset and sunrise. It is the place that exists in the heart and the mind’s eye. Since long, people of varied means have been building homes for themselves and also for the people they love. It is one of the securities they provide to their loved ones. This place is our sanctuary. At the end of the day, we seek shelter here from all the intrusiveness of the world. This solace is unmatchable and that is why we say; home is where the heart is.

Every homeowner has a set of ambitions and expectations of how their home should be. The level of comfort, colors, utility, it all adds up to for a perfect home. Designing or redesigning a home involves a maze of complex decisions and without proper know-how, it is not possible. Planning a new home extension, designing a new space or looking at conversion, all of this needs vision, experience, and qualification. Architects make this look easy-peasy because they just know how to do it. Hiring one can make a huge difference to your home.

Making changes to your home is tough, especially because you feel an emotional connection with your home. It needs immaculate planning and there is no scope for any kind of error. There is not hit and trail when it comes to a home. We understand your concerns and that is why we have put forth a team of expert architects that understands your concerns and address your designing needs.

If you want to opt for conversion, an extension or just a design uplift, we are here for you. You can rely on us and we will make sure that we are there for you from design to completion. You do not have to it alone. Our expertise and skills will make it worth your while.

We have the best architects in Scotland who adhere to standard principles.


It is your home and you deserve to have it in the best possible way. Our approach is customer-centric. We try to understand your requirements and vision on priority and then only offer a solution that suits them. We can guide you better but the decision is always yours

We prioritise safety

The safety of your home is our responsibility. You can trust us with your home and we will make sure that we add to its value. All of our employees are extensively trained for health and safety and we do not compromise on that


We offer competitive pricing. If you are fearing lucrative architect fees, it is time to take a breather. Our prices are best as per the value we offer. We can also help you with a flexible payment system that suits you.

Our process is simple

You have dreams and we offer a means for you to realize them. We have no technical jargon for you. Our work speaks for us. We offer a free plan to get you started. This includes a discussion of designs and ideas. If you agree on the pricing, you will have to make a small deposit and voila! We will bring your ideas to life. we can help you with

We can offer additional services for your home improvement needs including electrical installations, fencing, fixtures, rewiring, roofline and much more. Call us today.

Architect Drawings & Plans

When designing or designing, it is quite an add on if you can plan rationally to capture the best from the environment. The design can help you enhance the natural view, provide shade where you want, catch the sun where it suits you, attain a better cross-flow ventilation. This kind of planning can help you conserve energy and thus minimize the bill. You can also ensure better supervision when the construction is getting done.

When hiring an architect, look for the experience they have to offer. Scotland is swamped with architects and you should never grab on to what is convenient. Do some research, dig into the past projects and make an informed decision, because there is no compromise when it is about your home. A good architect can help you with a whole lot of things. Just like your imagination knows no boundaries, an architect with the skills can give your imagination a constructive shape. Not only will your space look more splendid you can also ensure a better resale value. 

A good architect will try to analyse your exact requirements. They will evaluate your current home and explore what you want for the new one. Finally, somebody can join the bride between your plans and the structural requirements. The design will be creative with a good flooring plan too. One of the best things about a good architect is that there are no designing errors. That means you home will never look out of place.


Design Your Own Garden Room

The entire point of keeping a garden is to have a lush green place, which offers a peaceful setting for you to spend some quiet time or enjoy some family time. A garden room in your garden is not only an addition to the splendid beauty to your well-maintained garden but also adds to the utility of it. This tranquil and beautiful bolt hole can take you away from all the hustle-bustle.

We at home conversions have a team of excellent garden room architects that can help you combine the indoor comfort to the outdoor feel. Your existing landscape will be accentuated and you can use this space throughout the year. You can use this garden room for many things. Imagine a gym room with such a natural setting. Who wouldn’t like to work out?

Garden Room Foundation Drawings

Make sure your garden buildings are on a solid foundation

Plan Your House Extension

What is better than having a home? A bigger home. You can always plan for a home extension if you feel you have space to spare. An extension can be done above, sideways and out. It can cater to your need for a bigger space and in a likely scenario, if you were going to move out for the bigger place, you don’t have to anymore. Get a new porch, garage, a new bedroom- you can do it all.

Our house extension architects can serve you just as you want. With the expertise and knowledge, the expansion will be smooth and the transition even better. Be it any kind of extension or conversion- we are at your service.

Accurate House Extension Plans

Making sure your home extension is completed on time

Loft Conversion Architects

When you think of home improvement solution, a loft conversion might pop up as one. You can end up having a space that can be used for a luxurious bedroom, a games room, a family lounge, or whatever you want it to be. Nicely done, this space will not only add extra space but also add value to your property. If you are thinking of expanding the family, this is an option for you. You can also increase your income by renting this part of your home.

Loft conversion architects can help you make this prudent move. The place can look grand with specialist loft designs. The process from the beginning to the end will be monitored by our architects.

Loft Conversion Architects Scotland

Don’t loose out on vital space during your conversion project

Garage Conversion Architect Drawings

When you bought a home or when you constructed one, there was this garage that served the purpose for a while. Just as the automobile industry got bigger, so did the cars. Alas! Your new car doesn’t fit the garage anymore. What a waste of space? Until it is not. You can always utilize this space to design something spacious and better. A new room if you are planning a family, a studio, if you want to work from home.

Hiring a garage conversion architect means you can design something amazing from the clutter of storage you called a garage. A good architect can improvise on the overall aesthetics while designing a garage extension. Our architects are best in Scotland and they can provide the best garage conversations at your convenience.

Garage Conversion Plans Scotland

Keep your garage conversion simple

Cost of Architect Plans

While some of you might think that hiring an architect means adding more cost. But investment-wise, you are cutting costs on a lot of things. With the help of the best architect, you can plan in a well-conceived manner. Because let us face it- changes on paper are a lot cheaper than the changes during accrual construction. You can just explain what you want and you might get something much better. An architect can help you save on the bills to be efficiently designing the energy supply of the house. The familiarity that architects have with the material, including tiling, brickwork, paint, roofing, they are going to make it cost-friendly for you when you go out to buy stuff.

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