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Garage Conversion Cost in Greenock And Inverclyde

Garage conversions are the most affordable home expansion option, helping homeowners looking to create more space on a lower budget. More often than not, a garage conversion does not require planning permission. Making garage conversion not only more affordable, but a quicker and easier home improvement option that provides more space optimisation and improved living conditions for your home.

Home Conversion Scotland provides a garage conversion build service across Central Scotland and Fife, with single garage conversions starting from around £9,995 and double garages starting from around £12,995 ranging to £20,000 sometimes more. The average cost of a garage conversion in Scotland is around £12,500.

A practical reason to convert your garage is due to it not being used to park a car! A garage should refer to space in our home where we are supposed to park our vehicle. But do you even park your car(s) in your garage? Most of the modern cars today are too big to be parked in a garage. Or in most cases, you might not be able to get out of the car after parking it in a garage, due to the car doors touching the walls. So most of the cars are usually parked outside your house and garages end up as a storage place for unwanted or ‘use later’ products that can end up as coat hangers!

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What Is a Garage Conversion

As the number of family members increases in your home or if you are already feeling cramped, you might be in need of more space. It’s also becoming a far more difficult task to move home with the property market making things a whole “to do” in terms of finding a better living space that’s local and suitable to other needs. More and more people who live in Scotland are completing home improvements such as house extensions, loft conversions and garage conversions or erecting an outdoor garden room

You might want to increase your space by expanding an existing room or making a brand new area of your house.

A popular option to do this is to convert your garage, making the most out of an existing space. In a large percentage of homes in Scotland, the garage space is used to store household goods and things people would prefer to be out of sight from their living space. If you own a large double garage and you only need to convert a section, which can also be done easier and quicker than the traditional home extension.

In simple words, a garage conversion is the conversion of your garage into a room that will act as an extension of your home. 

Garage Conversions in Greenock And Inverclyde

Revamp your garage to a spacious living space…

Benefits of a Garage Conversion

A common question that arises when people consider a garage conversion is, why convert the garage? Why not extend some part of the house if more space is needed? There are not one but several reasons why a garage conversion is way better than extending your home. Not everyone may have the space to extend the home to add more space. For such individuals, a garage conversion is the only option to gain more living space.

Even for those who have land space available for an extension, a garage conversion is a superior option. One of the advantages of converting a garage is that it costs significantly less than building an extension of your home. Additionally, the hassle of obtaining a permit for an extension can be avoided by converting the garage instead of extending any part of your house.

Other benefits of a Garage Conversion

No alteration to the exterior, interior or aesthetics of the main part of your house.

Garage conversions take less time to plan, design and install, creating a new space in a matter of months.

Gaining planning permission for garage conversions is far easier than home extensions or loft conversions. In some cases, if there is no increase in size, the new space is not for living in and meets other criteria, no planning permission is required at all.

Converting an existing garage is often more cost effective than building an extension from scratch. Since the basic structure is already in place, you will save on materials and construction costs.

A well designed garage conversion can increase the value of your home. By adding extra living space, you’re effectively increasing the usable square footage, which can make your property more appealing to potential buyers and potentially increase its resale value.

Many homes have garages that are underutilised or used primarily for storage. By converting the garage into a functional living space, you can enhance the overall functionality and usability of your home.

Unlike some types of extensions or additions, a garage conversion typically integrates seamlessly with the existing structure of your home, preserving its architectural integrity and character.

Garage conversions allow for bespoke designs, consult with our building surveyor and an architect to achieve your ideal features and layout.

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Garage Conversion into a Bedroom

Create an extra bedroom

Garage Conversion Design Ideas

The garage conversion design process has endless possibilities, with dozens of different ideas being brought to life for homeowners across Scotland. Our skilled team can help you convert your dusty, cold garage into an attractive and usable living space. All you have to do is explain what you are looking for during your free plan and design consultation, and we provide a detailed explanation of costs and what’s possible. Here are some of the ideas that customers have asked for their garage to be converted into:

  • A spare bedroom attached with a bathroom.
  • Small workspace or home office. 
  • Personal gym or fitness studio to run a small business from.
  • Children’s play area.
  • A separate private room for your eldest child or an elderly family member.
  • A large guest or entertainment room.
  • TV and Music studio.
  • Games room.
  • An extension of your kitchen.
  • Various other workspaces.

The list above is just a few examples of what your garage can be used for. Whatever idea you have, however complicated the transformation may seem, we can help you convert your garage into a practical and modern room in a relatively quick manner.

Garage Conversion into an Office

Create an ideal space to work from home or run your business from

How does a Garage Conversion work?

The first step is to contact us and explain briefly about your garage conversion plans. Once you have done that, we will book a slot for your home visit at a time convenient for you to have a detailed discussion. On the appointed day, our team of experts will arrive at your home to inspect the garage space and to learn about your plans. We will have a detailed discussion on how your garage can be transformed into the room of your desire, considering your ideas and our suggestions. We will answer all your queries, explain in detail how the conversion process will be done, and also provide you with an estimate at the end.

Once we are in agreement with the plan, an architect will be needed to draw up the final detailed plan of your garage, which will be used by us as well as submitted to the local authority. Either you can choose an architect, or we can provide you with one who is an expert in drawing garage conversion plans. The architect will then submit the final plan to the local authority for obtaining a building warrant, which is legally compulsory in Scotland before the conversion of a garage. Once the warrant is obtained, this drawing will be used by us to prepare an estimate for the work to be done. This estimate will be provided to you, and we will be available anytime to clear any doubts you have regarding the amount.

Once you are satisfied with the amount, we will prepare a contract on which you will have to sign and also make a small deposit along with it. Once all this is done, we will fix a date to start the work and also provide you with a finishing date. The conversion can take 2 to 5 weeks to complete depending on the size, design, and the nature of the conversion of the space. Please note that any building work cannot be started before obtaining the warrant from the local authority as doing so will be a criminal offence.

Once the conversion process is completed, our managers will inspect the conversion and every nook of the space to ensure our standards are met. The certificate of completion will be sent to the local authority, upon which the converted space will be inspected by an inspector from the building standards council. The inspector will check if the space has been designed according to the plan we provided.

Garage Conversion Builders Greenock

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Our Garage Conversion Builders

Our team who carry out your garage conversion design and installation consists of experienced tradesmen from all fields like engineers, building surveyors, electricians, plumbers, plasterers, builders, and joiners. We can also subcontract skilled tilers we have used before, so if there’s a bathroom in your new space, we can cater for this whilst ensuring our high quality and standards.

Home Conversion Scotland’s garage conversion builders have over a decade of experience completing successful projects with a strong portfolio and customers you can speak to in detail about their experience.

So, get in touch to arrange a free plan and design consultation with our team.

Garage Conversion F.A.Q?

  • Does garage conversion require planning permission?

In Scotland, planning permission is not always needed for garage conversions, as generally they are not adding to the existing structure of your home. If they are used as a living space and meet certain criteria, then you will still require planning permission. It is always better to be on the safe side, so we will help you inquire with local authorities to be sure.

  • How long will it take for the garage conversion process to complete?

The garage conversion usually takes 2 to 3 weeks if it’s a small space. It can take up to 5 weeks depending on the design, structure, and type of conversion being built.

  • Does garage conversion need a building warrant?

Yes, a building warrant is compulsory so as to ensure that space is designed and built according to the national standards and also ensures safety, proper ventilation, etc. It is the duty of the owner to obtain a building warrant from the authorities.

  • How long will it take for the authorities to issue a building warrant?

It usually takes about a month for the building warrant to be issued and it is chargeable.

  • How much will the garage conversion cost?

The total cost of the garage will depend on the type of conversion and the whole conversion process. An exact amount cannot be told before the conversion; however, an estimate will be provided to you once the building warrant is obtained.

  • Do I need to arrange any workers from outside?

No. our team consists of tradesmen from all fields of work such as joiners, plasterers, plumbers, electricians, etc.

  • Can a portion of our garage be converted or is only a full completion is possible?

We carry out full conversions as well as partial conversion of any garages. This is done according to the wish of the customers. Be it full or partial completion, quality work is guaranteed by our team..

If you have any other doubts, you can contact us at any time, and everything will be explained in detail during your free home survey, which is completed by a qualified tradesman, NOT A SALESMAN!

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