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  • Fully insulated
  • Specific Features
  • Specific Interior Decor
  • Secure Windows and Doors
  • A+ rated windows & doors
  • Fully plasterboarded & plastered
  • Standard electric pack (upgrades available)
  • Standard lighting pack (upgrades available)
  • Firestone rubber roofing

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Garden Office in East Lothian

Garden offices in East Lothian are the new trend for anyone over 30 years old (and sometimes younger outliers!). A garden office is a space where you can carry out your work in a safe, secure, soundproof and comfortable environment that is outside of your home. It will be electrically wired with heating and good lighting, and most importantly, you will feel that you have left home to go to work.

The detachment from being at home and increased focus whilst still technically working from home, is the number one benefit everyone highlights after having a garden office installed.

Types of Garden Office

Home Conversion Scotland provide you with a choice of various types of garden offices such as garden office pods and insulated garden log cabins which aside from the amazing insulation, offer fantastic soundproofing benefits, providing you with the peace and quite you seek. 

Otherwise, you can have a composite garden room that we will decorate and add specific features that you require from your office space.  

If you choose another type of build such as a garden log cabin with beams and a pitched roof, then you can expect to pay more money. It’s entirely up to you and it’s best that you contact us to discuss your needs so we can run through your options.

Maintenance Free

The composite cladding, premium recycled wood and plastic polymers we use are weather resistant, provide soundproof and insulation benefits whilst unlike some timber do not require constant paint, oil and other maintenance treatment.

Fully Insulated

All of our garden rooms come with the highest quality insulation materials for your roof and walls and A+ grade glazing ensuring your room is cool during the summer and a cozy warm escape from the cold and wet weather during winter months.

Composite Garden Office East Lothian

  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Sustainable Composite, 100% Recyclable
  • BBA Certified & Fire Tested
  • Minimal Expansion

Some Of Our Garden Office Range

Garden Office Near You in East Lothian

With our main office being in Glasgow, with a local presence in Edinburgh and Ayrshire and installers throughout Scotland including East Lothian and Inverness areas, we can comfortably supply and fit a garden office in any part of the country. If you search “garden office near me” or “garden office near East Lothian” on Google in most parts of Scotland, we will appear on page one and can comfortably serve you like a local business near that area.

A garden office is a type of outdoor garden room built outside the house strictly for work purposes. In this era where working from home or “wfh” is the new trend, an outdoor working space can help you to work peacefully in your own space, without any disturbance or distraction from your family and home activities.

We have installed hundreds of garden offices and garden rooms which we can showcase during your free home survey. If you have any of your own specific design ideas FANTASTIC! Our team are always keen to discuss this with you in detail and provide with a space you will be proud of.  

Some previous design ideas include: small garden office pods, workstations, yoga studios, gyms and workout studios, music studios, large offices with space for sales and admin areas and much more.

Garden offices available across Scotland
Home Conversion Scotland planning

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Reasons To Buy A Garden Office

Reasons to install a garden office? There are so many examples we could give, where do we even start?

A garden office space offers you the opportunity to separate your work from your home and provide the work life balance that we are all seeking.

Garden offices have become such a popular addition to homes in East Lothian because people are embracing them as a new way of life in this 21st century work from home environment.

You can choose to run your business from your garden office if you are self employed even if you are an employees. Our ideas for garden offices are plentiful and imaginative, some customers have design ideas which is always a breath of fresh air, we enjoy working in sync with people to come up with their dream home office space.  

Most of the customer input is around the interior, choosing the decor, statement furniture, flooring and modern features to furnish their offices.

There are just so many reasons that you could have for having a garden office built, you may want to draw and create art, produce music, complete admin or more complex work or even meet with clients in the office space itself like hairdressers and beauticians we have a built garden office for.

Garden Office Benefits Summary

Here is a summary of the benefits of installing a garden office:

*Privacy and solitude separate from main home activities.
*More space and adds value to your home.

*It is easy to install in your garden.
*Hard wearing, long lasting composite.

*Easy to remove or modify. (futureproofed)
*Bespoke ideas and many styles to choose from.

*Multifunctional for office, gym, space to meditate, play games, bar – you can adapt the use.

Garden Office Ideas East Lothian

There are lots of designs that you can have set up with you garden office and it will get you away from the spare room, your bedroom, or the kitchen dining room. It will also stop you from thinking about work when its not in front of you in your home.

Garden offices are a great way of helping you have a better attitude towards your work. It will help you to be more productive and you will feel more organised. When you finish work you can close everything and leave and that way, which will reduce the stress caused by continually seeing your office in your home space. You can choose from a variety of garden office spaces;

*Small and compact such as a small one-person office.

*Larger garden rooms that can accommodate several people and be multi-functional.

*Custom garden office built bespoke to your requirements.

*Bi-folding doors may be fitted to open during hot days, providing fresh air and create more space.

Try and choose a design that fits in with the character of your house and garden area. Remember that you have a choice  colours both inside and out. It’s all up to you, and of course depending on your budget. You could even consider connecting it to the side of your house. Making it easier to access the toilet or for making drinks and snacks. Attention to detail and precision design are important to us, we want you to feel that you have a choice. You can create areas that you can use for specific activities when you are not using the space for an office, such as cooking outdoors, entertaining, gardening and more. You can use your garden office all year round, as we can fit heating and even log burning stoves. These are all things to think about and discuss during your free plan and design. You can also consider plumbing for a larger garden office.

Garden Office Log Cabins

Garden log cabins are made from timber wood, providing a more natural rustic look. They almost always have a pitched roof with beams and provide fantastic insulation and soundproof benefits especially if you have double or triple glazing installed.

They are ideal for use as a garden office space, however, generally will cost more.

Our log cabin builders can build almost any type of outdoor garden log cabin for use as a luxury garden office, business, living space or any other ideas that you may have.

Garden office log cabins available across Scotland

Garden Offices East Lothian

Small garden office space in Glasgow, Scotland

Garden Office Cost East Lothian

Much like garden rooms, a garden office is available from £13,000.

Garden offices are ideal for those who work from home and own home based businesses. They provide you with an uninterrupted and calm space to engage in your work. Also for home-owned businesses, you can claim back the VAT, which at 20% can be a fair amount of money.

With the increase in people working from home since COVID-19, the need for a private office room is a must. As the garden room is separate from your house, you get the benefits of an office without having to travel.

Garden Office Pods East Lothian

Quick installation, with no planning permission needed

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