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Garden Pods Scotland

Small Garden Pods in Scotland

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Small Garden Pods

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Garden Pods in Scotland

Now for something which is a bit different from a garden room a garden pod, which is basically a small garden room. Garden pods are quite like garden rooms, but they can be put together quickly as they are usually crane dropped into your garden and then just need to be screwed into the ground. They are compact to fit in any garden, ideal for smaller spaces.

Having a garden office pod will provide you your own private workspace separated from the main house. This way, you aren’t distracted by what’s going on at home and can concentrate on your work. You can also use it as a small meeting room for clients. If your garden is spacious, you can build a garden pod with two sections, one for work and another as a hobby room.

The garden pod can be installed anywhere in the garden providing much more flexibility than a standard garden room. Like a garden room the pod offers you an escape and is multi-functional and adaptable to your requirements be that office activities, games, a summerhouse or other leisure purposes. The garden pod has a trendy modern look and you will have seen them  in glamping sites and other trendy retail services.

Reasons To Buy A Garden Pod

Garden pods can be added value in many ways whether it’s an extra space for the office or somewhere for older family members to stay one night who want need to be near family. A larger garden pod is an ideal place for an older family member who still has independence but needs to have family around to support them at certain times. One of the the best things about having a garden pod is that you’re working from a green space that you can see. If your garden pod is surrounded sunshine and some plants it will help you to feel calm and
stress free. Also you will get more fresh air and Vitamin D in comparison to your stuffy office space.

If you want lots of sunshine you can choose to have more glass in your pod.

Garden Pods Near You in Scotland

Garden pods are really just a small garden room which can be installed anywhere in your garden. Often garden pods can be crane dropped into your garden, meaning a rapid installation time. Garden pods can be used as a garden office, small music studio, games room or very basic sleeping space. A garden pod can be designed in any shape and look very stylish from the outside compared to a garden room. 

Garden pods tend to all look very alike. Most are either just small garden rooms or dome style pods which have become very popular in the hospitality industry or other oval type shapes. 

Garden pods are similar to garden rooms but are usually smaller and have a more stylish design. A garden pod can be set up within 1 to 3 days and will be ready for use immediately after the installation.

Also, the cost is lower due to less materials being required and the quick and easy installation.

Garden pods are far easier to maintain, and you can expect them to last for decades if well looked after.

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Garden pods available across Scotland
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Types Of Garden Pods Scotland

The garden pods we install are usually made from stainless steel or composite cladding. You can create your own pod living space as something that can look stylish and in sync with your garden. We can deliver and install your garden pod in as little as one day. We have a wide range of garden pods to choose from, we can design any size or style that you wish. Even the smallest of gardens can fit a pod and you will be inspired when you see what can be done with a space that was never
really used before. If it’s a small space it will need very little maintenance to keep it tidy and you can have a paved or decked area with some outdoor furniture too.

Ideas for types of garden pods as living spaces include:

*Small Office Room.
*Guest Room.
*Games facility.
*Small bedroom with toilet.
*Garden lounge.

There are a few designs that you can choose from for both garden rooms or pods such as:

*Garden Pod Tent – simple but effective space which can be used as office or for relaxation.
*Shepherd Hut Garden Pod – will blend in with your garden and can be used as a
multipurpose space and will look great as an added feature.

*Garden Pod Storage space – it can be used for storage for things that you need to store away.
*Garden Pod Living Space – General multipurpose space as games room or whatever you wish.

*Garden Pod Kitchen – has become a popular way to cook and keep the food smells out of
your home whilst spending time with you loves ones in a relaxed manner and allowing for
fresh air outside time with outside cooking and a space to shelter if the weather turns but
find you can share food and time away from what you normally do in the house.

Garden pods benefits include:

*Extra living space.
*Cost effective.
*Quickly installed.
*Variety of options to design.
*Easily adapted to other use.

Do You Need Planning Permission For a Garden Pod?

Garden pods are still classed as outbuildings, and in most cases not require planning permission
as building regulations do not normally apply for garden pods. Though it is worth checking things out with the local authority.

The following rules always apply:

*No taller that 2.5 metres.
*Internal headroom of 2.2 metres
*Floor area is less that 15 – 2o square metres.
*Contains no sleeping accommodation.

*Be situated at least ½ metre away from boundary wall of your home.

Planning permission may be needed if:
*If your garden pod exceeds 3m2.

*If you intend to use it as accommodation. (building regulations approval required)

Best to speak with the local authority to have this checked.

Garden Office Pods Scotland

Quick installation, with no planning permission needed

Area of Scotland We Install Garden Pods

We install garden pods across Scotland including the likes of Aberdeen, Argyll, Ayrshire, Clackmannanshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Dundee, East Dunbartonshire, East Lothian, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Fife, Glasgow, Greenock & Inverclyde, Highlands, Inverness, Lanarkshire, Paisley & Renfrewshire, Perth & Kinross, Stirling, The Borders, West Dunbartonshire and West Lothian.

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