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House Extension Glasgow

A house extension offers the opportunity to expand your living space exactly as the name suggests: upward, outward, or sideways. It allows you to create your ideal home without the hassle of moving or building from scratch. Whether you envision adding a garage, porch, or enlarging your kitchen, a house extension provides the solution, avoiding the inconvenience of relocating. Moreover, opting for a house extension is often more cost effective than purchasing a new property, as it eliminates many associated expenses.

In this blog, we offer guidance on selecting the best type of house extension based on your budget and design preferences.

For those considering a house extension in Glasgow, we provide an insight into the average costs involved. Single-storey extensions typically start from £1500 per square meter, while two-storey extensions range from £1500 to £2500 per square meter, depending on the complexity of the design. Further details on costs are provided below. If you already possess architect drawings, we encourage you to reach out to arrange a complimentary home survey, allowing us to provide a more accurate and detailed cost estimate.

House Extension in Glasgow Southside

Kitchen area and extra living space extension

Benefits of a House Extension

Expanding your home with a house extension can breathe new life into your living space, transforming it into the dream home you’ve always envisioned. By maximising every inch of available space, a house extension can make your residence feel as though it’s been completely revitalised. Not only does a well executed extension enhance your enjoyment of the property, but it also adds significant value to your investment. With careful planning, you can optimise the layout and functionality of your home, thereby boosting its market worth.

When contemplating a house extension, it’s essential to consider how the new addition will harmonise with the existing design of your property. An extension that seamlessly integrates or enhances the overall aesthetic can elevate the appeal and value of your home even further.

In addition to enhancing your living space and property value, a house extension can yield substantial financial savings. By circumventing costs such as deposits, stamp duty, and expenses associated with hiring movers, you can significantly reduce your overall expenditure. Furthermore, you’ll avoid additional expenses such as real estate agent fees, allowing you to allocate your resources more efficiently.

Beyond the financial benefits, a house extension affords you the opportunity to remain rooted in the neighbourhood you’ve grown to love while sparing you the time and effort typically associated with relocating to a new area.

Listed below are some additional advantages of investing in a house extension:

One of the most obvious benefits of a house extension is the additional living space it provides. Whether you need extra bedrooms, a larger kitchen, a home office, or a playroom for children, a house extension can meet your growing needs without the hassle of moving to a new home.

With a house extension, you can customise your living space to suit your specific requirements and lifestyle preferences. You have the freedom to design the extension to maximise natural light, improve flow between rooms, and add modern amenities, enhancing the overall comfort and functionality of your home.

A well designed and professionally executed house extension can significantly increase the market value of your property. The additional square footage and improved living space appeal to potential buyers, making your home more attractive and desirable on the real estate market.

Moving to a larger home can be costly and disruptive. With a house extension, you can avoid the expenses associated with selling your current home, purchasing a new one, and moving all your belongings. Plus, you get to stay in the neighborhood you love and avoid the stress of uprooting your family.

A house extension allows you to personalise your living space according to your taste and style preferences. Whether you want to create a contemporary open-plan kitchen, a luxurious master suite, or a cozy home theater, a house extension gives you the freedom to design the perfect space for you and your family.

A well designed house extension can enhance the overall appearance and curb appeal of your home. By seamlessly integrating the extension with the existing structure and landscaping, you can create a cohesive and harmonious look that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property.

If you’re not in immediate need of the extra space, you can consider renting out the extension to generate additional income. This can help offset the cost of the extension and provide a steady stream of rental income over time. These days people often rent our their house extension using air B and B for the parts of the year it is not in use.

Home Conversion Scotland builders

In summary, a house extension presents a multitude of advantages. These include expanding living space, improving comfort and functionality, boosting property value, and allowing for personalisation and customisation. It represents a practical and budget friendly approach to enhancing your home and enriching your lifestyle.

House Extension Ideas

There are several budget friendly ways to extend your house while enhancing its value and aesthetic appeal.

  1. Two-storey extension: Opting for a double-storey extension can provide more bang for your buck, offering additional square footage and living space compared to a single-storey extension. With a two-storey extension, you can expand both living and sleeping areas while preserving outdoor space.

  2. Kitchen extension: The kitchen often serves as the heart of the home, making a spacious and inviting kitchen a valuable addition. A modern and well equipped kitchen not only enhances daily living but also adds significant value to your property. Ample storage and contemporary design elements are highly desirable features.

  3. Conservatory: Adding a conservatory extension is an excellent way to flood your home with natural light and create a versatile living space. Whether used as an office, lounge, or library, a conservatory provides a serene environment to relax and enjoy the surroundings with family and friends.

  4. Outdoor house extension: For those who appreciate the outdoors, an outdoor garden room extension offers a seamless connection to nature and sunlight. Whether it’s a veranda, loggia, or covered outdoor extension, these spaces provide a tranquil retreat while shielding from the elements.

  5. New bedroom or bathroom: Increasing the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home can significantly enhance its value and functionality. Additional bedrooms provide more living space, while extra bathrooms offer convenience and luxury amenities for residents and guests alike.

Home Extension in Glasgow, Scotland

Luxury kitchen extension and lounge area

Types of House Extension

  • Single-storey extension: A single-storey extension offers a practical solution to expand your downstairs living space. By adding space to your kitchen, it can also serve as a dining area, while providing the option for an additional bathroom or bedroom. This extension can also accommodate features like a cloakroom or utility room.
  • Multi-storey extension: Extending both upstairs and downstairs is an effective way to increase space and value in your home. A multi-storey extension that complements the overall aesthetic of your house can enhance its appeal and market worth.
  • Porches: Porches serve as entry passages projected in front of the house, outside the walls, and typically do not require planning permissions. They provide a welcoming entrance while adding architectural interest to your home.
  • Garage conversions: Converting garages into extensions typically involves a single-storey addition attached to the front of the house. Besides serving as parking spaces, garages can also function as storage areas or additional living spaces.
  • Basements: Basements, whether partially or completely below ground level, offer valuable storage or living space. They are increasingly utilised as sleeping areas, particularly in larger homes where building additional bedrooms can be costly.
  • Loft conversion: Loft or attic conversion maximises existing house structure. Whether transformed into a gym, office, storage area, or bedroom, this option is gaining popularity due to its cost effectiveness compared to double-storey extensions. While planning permission is often not required, certain regulations and considerations must be adhered to, particularly in designated areas or listed buildings.

Bungalow Extension and Loft Conversion in Bearsden, Glasgow

Please take a look at the gallery above showcasing a bungalow extension and loft conversion completed in Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire, in 2019.

This conversion involved a rear extension and internal alterations to the house, along with a comprehensive loft conversion. The new loft space now extends above the newly added extension, complete with dormers.

On the ground floor extension, we crafted an open plan kitchen dining room with a utility area, as well as a bedroom featuring a spacious walk-in wardrobe.

Upstairs, in the newly converted loft area, we created three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a storage room. Each room in the loft conversion benefits from Velux windows and additional windows, ensuring ample natural light floods into every space.

Strategic placement of the new staircase allowed us to optimise the layout to its fullest potential.

House Extension Builders Glasgow, Scotland

Bespoke kitchen extension

Average House Extension Cost in Glasgow

The cost of your house extension is influenced by various factors, including its size, complexity, and location. Additionally, the quality of materials used significantly impacts the overall cost, as higher quality products tend to come with a higher price tag. Therefore, expenses for kitchen extensions, single-storey extensions, and double-storey extensions can vary based on their unique specifications and requirements. Furthermore, the proximity of your house to urban areas may result in higher costs for extensions.

Cost of single-storey extension: In Glasgow, the average cost of a single-storey extension ranges from £1500 to £2000 per square meter. For example, an extension measuring 5 meters square in both breadth and width could cost between £32,000 and £50,000, depending on factors such as location and design preferences.

Cost of double-storey extension: The cost of a two-storey extension is comparable to that of a single-storey extension, as it primarily involves adding walls and floor joists. In Glasgow, prices typically range from £1500 to £2500 per square meter, depending on design specifications.

Cost of basement, porches, and garages: Basement extensions generally incur higher costs due to the involved processes such as excavation, waterproofing, and installation of utilities. Costs can average around £4000 per square meter, including VAT. Front porches typically range from £1200 to £1500 per square meter, with potential cost reductions if modifying an existing structure. Garage conversions vary significantly in cost, ranging from £4000 to £20,000, depending on size and intended use, inclusive of equipment and labor expenses.

Kitchen Extension in Glasgow

Slide open doors allowing plenty of fresh air, perfect for warmer days

House Extension F.A.Q

1) How long is it going to take?

One of the most common questions regarding house extensions pertains to their duration. This inquiry is entirely valid, considering the significant commitment of time required for such projects. Additionally, the disruption to daily life during construction is a key concern. The timeline for completion varies based on the type and scale of the extension, as well as considerations such as interior design and location. A straightforward single-storey rear extension typically takes around 2 months to complete. However, a double-storey extension may require double the time, stretching up to 6 months. In contrast, a loft conversion generally has a shorter timeframe, typically around 6 weeks for completion.

2) Do I need to move out of the house?

By engaging in thorough planning and extensive discussions with both the architect and contractor, you can circumvent the need to relocate during the construction process. It’s crucial to strategise on minimising the impact of dust and dirt generated from the work to the best of your ability.

3) Is planning permission required for a house extension?

Not every house extension necessitates planning permission; some fall under ‘permitted development rights,’ although most houses do require it. Building extensions without planning permission must meet specific criteria. For instance, single-storey extensions typically have a maximum height limit of 4 meters and should not protrude more than 3 meters from the house’s walls. Otherwise, planning permission is invariably necessary.

4) What type of house extension is most popular?

Typical house extension options encompass rear extensions, side extensions, two-storey extensions, loft conversions, and garage conversions. The selection of extension type hinges on considerations like available space, budget constraints, and adherence to planning regulations.

5) How much does a house extension cost in Scotland?

The cost of a house extension fluctuates considerably based on factors like extension size, complexity, material selection, labor charges, location, and added features. In Glasgow, for instance, single-storey extensions typically commence at £1500 per square meter, while two-storey extensions range between £1500 and £2500 per square meter.

6) Will a house extension increase the value of my property?

A carefully planned and expertly executed house extension has the potential to enhance your property’s value by providing additional living space and enhancing functionality and aesthetic appeal. However, the degree of value increase is influenced by factors such as the quality of the extension, prevailing market conditions, and preferences of potential buyers.

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