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Summer Houses in Edinburgh

A summer house tends to be a little more lightweight than a garden room it is still however an outdoor garden building that provides shelter. Summer houses are detached from your house for a variety of purposes like, to be used as storage, literally as a summerhouse, kids play area, tool shed, office space, etc. A summer house place or building which is used as a comforting shelter, to relax in your garden all year round.

Building a garden summer house is a much quicker and easier process than an insulated garden room. A summer house can be like a second residence to people for relaxation with some people using them as “man caves” to lounge in. You can have additional features such as bars or even your very own gym.

There are many benefits to building a summer house like lower costs, no permits required (may vary depending on different places), high durability, fast set up, etc. You will have a relaxation place outside your home but inside your compound.

Summer houses can either be large ones suitable to be used as dining or socialising space or small ones which can be used for very small gatherings or personal hobbies.

Let us have a look at some of the uses of a summer house

  • It is a perfect gardening hub where you can store your gardening tools and expensive machinery without being affected by the outside weather
  • For having garden parties where food, drinks can be stored. A benefit of this is, your house won’t be messed up in the name of a party
  • As an office space where you can work calmly no matter what weather it is outside
  • A guesthouse with a sink, shower, and stock of some drinks and snacks, where your guests could stay for a day or two, thus the privacy of your home won’t be compromised
  • Children’s space where children can have a fun time without giving a headache to the elders of the house
  • Storage space for many materials and even an extra vehicle
  • An inspiring and peaceful studio place for artists

The different types of summer houses that people built in their garden space are:

  • Contemporary summer houses which are usually spacious and have a stylish design
  • Traditional summer houses for those who wish to relax thinking about their beautiful past
  • Corner summer houses which are built without compromising much of the garden space, but also add to the beauty of the garden
  • Small summer houses which are used for relaxation purposes and to store furniture during the cold weather
  • Log cabin summer houses which are elegant, luxurious and can withstand any weather conditions
  • Summer house sheds are usually used for storing bikes, machines, etc.

There are a variety of factors to consider while building a summer house in your garden like the type of wood used, the climate of your place, its size, whether building regulations apply, etc.

Since the summer houses are built to withstand the outside weather conditions, regular cleaning and maintenance must be done to ensure the durability of the summerhouse.

Other Types of Outdoor Garden Buildings

A garden room is a space made out of wood in your garden which is fully electrically wired, insulated and double glazed. Most gardens are standalone buildings at the back of the garden, but some people also built it attached to their homes.

Garden rooms are built usually with timber frames and come with good quality windows and doors. This room can be utilised as a studio, gym, games room, home office or any other room of your choice.

Garden rooms are preferred by a lot of people as planning permission is not needed in most of the places to build a garden room. Also, it is cost-effective, durable, easy to install and comes in a variety of styles.

Garden rooms are very durable with solid walls and a roof and are designed to let in maximum sunlight. A garden room can last up to 30 years and can be built with very low costs compared to an external extension of a house or other buildings. And even if you want the garden room removed at some point in life, it is very much easier to move a garden room that demolishing a permanent room or office.

A garden room can be designed according to the purpose of the room. Let’s have a look at some of the garden room ideas

Contemporary style garden room: the word ‘Contemporary’ means present. A contemporary garden room style is suggested to people who want their garden room as an office space. A well-lit, double glazed, electrically wired and fully insulated room with a touch of modern architecture can be an attractive and perfect working environment, away from the disturbances of the daily home activities.

Shepherd’s hut garden room: as the name indicates, the shepherd’s hut garden room will be perfectly blending with the garden and will impart a rustic and cozy look. The colours are chosen to match the garden and it will be the perfect room for any activity

Outdoor kitchen: using the garden room as an outdoor kitchen is a perfect choice if you wish to dine with a view and be at home at the same time. No matter the weather, you will be able to enjoy cooking and have a good time with your family and kids.

Dual-use storage and living space: if you have quite a big garden room it can be split into two and can be used to store things and as a living space as well. The living space can be designed to a gym room, games room or a perfect guest room where someone can stay a night without compromising the privacy of your home.

A garden room tent: this is the cheapest and easiest way of having a garden room at the back of your house. It is easy to build, protect you from the weather outside and is the best option to hang out outside your home for a change.

garden room Glasgow, Scotland
Garden rooms available in Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh and across Scotland.

Garden Pods

Garden pods are a type of garden rooms which can be installed anywhere in your garden. It is usually built of stainless steel and other materials and has the durability of a brick building. The pods can be used as a studio, summerhouses, games room, office activities, etc. A garden pod can be designed in any shape and looks very stylish from the outside compared to a garden room. It is a perfect leisure space for everyone who wants to take a break from the regular home environment.

The installation of a garden pod is very simple and easy and will be ready to use immediately after the installation is done.

Garden pods are similar to garden rooms but are usually smaller and have a stylish look compared to them. A garden pod can be set up within 2 or 4 days and will be ready for use immediately after the installation. It can be used for any purpose and the wiring, drain connection, etc. is not much of a headache compared to constructing a permanent building. Also, the cost and effort of setting up and removal of these garden pods as and when you require will be very easy and less time consuming compared to offices and other buildings.

A garden pod can be built as an office room, gym room, vintage arcade room, guest room or a granny annex room. The design and ideas of each garden will depend upon its type and purpose. Let us have a look at some of the garden pod ideas

A garden tent: a garden tent is the simplest garden pod you can built-in your compound. Even though it might not be as durable as the brick buildings, it will protect you from the weather conditions outside and can be used for office work, relaxation, etc.

Dual-use storage and living space: this is where you use the garden pod as storage area s well as a living space. There might be some things that should be protected from the weather and at the same time can diminish the beauty of your home décor, if kept inside the home. Such things can easily be stored in the storage space of the garden pod, and the remaining space can be used as a game space, workout space or a relaxation area.

Contemporary style garden room: the Contemporary garden pod is designed by using the present trends and features available in the market. It will be well, completely insulated and electrically wired which makes it a perfect place for office activities. If you are a person who wishes to have stylish office space then contemporary style garden pod is your perfect option.

Outdoor kitchen: an outdoor kitchen is preferred by many people when to cook certain food and to avoid a food smelling environment at home. It is also the best way to have some quality time with family and kids by playing in the garden and having a grill from the outdoor kitchen. No matter the weather you will be able to enjoy the food and the change from the regular home activities

Shepherd’s hut garden room: the shepherd’s hut garden pod is a multipurpose created with a perfect blend with the garden. It is built in such a way that the beauty of the garden and the pod will complement each other.

garden-pods-glasgow- scotland
Garden pods available in Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh and across Scotland

Garden Offices

A garden office is a type of outdoor garden room built outside the house strictly for work purposes. In this era where “work from home” is the new trend, an outdoor working space can help you to work peacefully in your own space, without any disturbance or distraction from your home activities.

A garden office pod can be set up and used in a few days unlike constructing other buildings. The cost of installation, the time for installation, etc. are very less compared to other buildings and at the same time offer the same features, durability, and functionalities of a brick building.

The interior is much easier to be modified and you will have a silent and peaceful working environment with an attractive view.

There are a variety of designs and styles which can be adopted while setting up a garden office. You can also make changes to these designs depending on your needs and comfort.

Contemporary style garden room: a contemporary garden room is the best alternative to a home extension, especially if you are planning to use the space as an office. From timber-framed garden rooms to stylish garden pods, there are a lot of shapes, sizes materials and features to choose from if you are planning to go with the contemporary style.

Shepherd’s hut garden room: Shepherd’s hut garden rooms are an attractive traditional concept of an outdoor room suitable for the modern age. You can enjoy a practical room that looks attractive from the inside with all the features and an environment blending look on the outside.

Outdoor kitchen: using the garden room as an outdoor kitchen can help you boost your cooking skills if you are someone who enjoys cooking. A kitchen with a view! What more do you want? An outdoor kitchen will transform the way you have your summer gatherings and garden. Outdoor kitchen needn’t be limited to just barbecues, you can also set up and pizza ovens, cabinets, worktops, sinks, etc. and have a complete outdoor experience.

Dual-use storage and living space: a garden room can also be used as a dual-purpose room wherein you can store stuff as well as utilise it for purposes like carrying out workout, playing table tennis, etc.

A garden room tent: a garden room tent is a perfect and cheapest option if you wish to have a fun time with your family and enjoy the weather at the same time. It can give you the vibes of having a picnic while you are staying in your compound.

Garden offices available in Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh and across Scotland

Other Garden Buildings

A garden is a place that has all the beauty of nature and can impart a peaceful and relaxed feeling to our minds. So spending some time in your garden can be very good for your health mind. The same is the case of garden buildings.

A garden building is a single or multipurpose space you set up in your garden, away from your home for different purposes. A garden can be an office room, a studio, a gym, a shepherd hut, an outdoor kitchen or a living room with a view of your garden and a relaxing environment.

The advantages of a garden building are:

  • Low building costs
  • Takes very less time to install
  • Can be used as soon as the installation is done
  • Highly durable, can last up to 30 years depending upon the type of material used
  • Easy to remove from the garden, compared to permanent buildings
  • Better aesthetics compared to permanent buildings
  • Easy to modify

A garden building is usually built to carry out any activity or work without any disturbances from the regular house activities. It helps you do whatever you do in a relaxed, peaceful and entertaining manner without any eyes from outside. Some of the popular and amazing garden buildings built are log cabins, wooden gazebos, garden sheds, wooden garages, summer houses, timber buildings, etc.

A garden building can have any purpose and is built according to this purpose. It can be fully sealed space suitable for office work or a partially open space for relaxation and enjoying nature. The features of each garden building will differ according to its use.

Some of the cool uses for a garden building are:

  • Hobby room
  • Gym
  • Home spa
  • Yoga space
  • A personal pub
  • Memorabilia room
  • A vintage game arcade
  • Guest room
  • Home office
  • Outdoor personal space for your grown-up child, till they find a space of their own
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Wooden Summer Houses Edinburgh

Wooden summer houses used for an office space

Others uses for a Summer House

Gym room: Summer houses are now popularly used as gym rooms since they provide a good atmosphere to take care of your body. Not to mention the view of garden and nature is a refreshing sight for both body and mind.

Vintage arcade room: If you are a fan of vintage arcade games and miss them, you can build your vintage arcade room to just enjoy and be a kid again. This can also be used as a bachelor pad to hang out with the guys.

Guest room: If you have guests staying for a long period of time and doesn’t want to get in each other’s way, then using your summer house as guest rooms is a great idea. Even without a guest, you can give the room for rent to make some extra side cash.

Garden granny annexe: Building granny annexe rooms gives you that extra living space that you can give to your relatives. With all the privacy and independence you need and with the love and comfort of having your relatives nearby, a granny annexe is a nearly ideal solution to all your problems. You can install in bathroom and kitchen too to make granny annexe truly independent.

Outdoor Garden Buildings Edinburgh

Large multi purpose space in your garden

Reasons to get a Summer House

Privacy: One of the main reasons people are opting for summer houses instead of house extension is the privacy and serenity it offers. A summer house can act as a place to rejuvenate from all the commotion of household chores. For whatever reason, you are using the summer house, whether as an office space or guest room, it can give you the solitude that you require since it is separate from the main house.

Planning permission: Most summer houses doesn’t require planning permission if they follow the development guidelines. As most house extensions require planning permissions, summer houses are much more hassle-free.

Cost-effective: Summer houses cost less than a house extension and even additional modifications are cheaper than a loft or one storey extension.

More space and value: Summer houses give you more space which always adds value to your house. While selling out your house, having a garden room is a big boon. Summer houses can also be used as a storage space.

Multifunctional: Summer houses can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used as an office space which gives you the isolation you need to work. Summer houses are being used as guest rooms, gym room games room and hang out space.

Summer House Installation Edinburgh

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