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  • Fully insulated
  • Hot tubs, bars and other features
  • A+ rated windows & doors
  • Fully plasterboarded & plastered
  • Standard electric pack (upgrades available)
  • Standard lighting pack (upgrades available)
  • Firestone rubber roofing
  • Garden Landscaping
  • Decking

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Man Caves in Scotland

A man cave is an area or space such as a basement tailored to the man of the house’s (dare we say this in 2023!) taste and used as his own space for hobbies and leisure activities. 

Home Conversion Scotland offers man caves that provide various functions, including being a place to be alone, indulge in hobbies, and socialise with male friends. It’s simply a hangout spot where you can watch sports, play video games, and hang out with friends. 
Having a place to call one’s own, or a male territory to retreat to might seem inflammatory, however, research has shown it important for men to have some kind of sanctuary. Also, not many people take the term “man cave” literally, it’s not as if people hire bouncers to ensure no women or kids can enter!
In some ways, a man cave is a great way for married guys to recapture some space and freedom where guests can come and go as they please. It’s a way to reclaim some of their youth, like the time in their twenties living in pads, flats, or college dorm rooms, a time where guests could come as they pleased. It’s a place where a man isn’t expected to be on his best behavior and where he can unwind.

According to overall architectural design trends, men are taking historically male only places and enhancing them with renovations and macho aesthetic choices. Refrigerators, vending machines, putting greens, gigantic TVs, musical instruments, including microphone stands and amplifiers for music studios, pool tables, boxing rings, and gyms can all be found in man caves. A bar and sports memorabilia are the most popular features of a man cave, including trophies, sports tops, and mug shots on the wall.

Although most man caves are outdoor garden buildings, a man cave can be designed anywhere in the house, including the basement, loft, or a separate room. 
Man Cave with a bar and a Scottish theme

Man Cave Demand During COVID-19

The covid 19 pandemic has had numerous effects on our livelihoods. So many things were disrupted during the onset of this pandemic. Schools were closed, working was done from home, and also no gatherings and social interactions. Although not quite as much as women, most men are social beings, and being confined in the same surroundings with no company tested everyone’s mental health. The covid-19 lockdown periods restricted movement and people had to stay indoors, mainly in the same rooms they were limited to for almost twenty four hours every day. 

Any social man will eventually go crazy with these new rules. Therefore, during the pandemic, men had to look for ways to feel away from being confined in one space. It’s perfectly understandable that people lucky enough to have a garden made full use of them with some people going a step further and investing in a man cave.

This space can be used to help people recollect their thoughts or give families some well needed time apart who were forced into extended periods of time together that are unnatural. During the pandemic, there were also lots of job losses and demotions, so anyone who can afford such a luxury is very lucky!
Man caves can also be more practical than they are known for, being able to set aside some time to organize your ideas without interruptions makes for increased productivity for people working from home. This again can apply to couples, if they are both working from home in the same space it can quickly become a bit of a nightmare! 

A man cave also has a competition element to it, “keeping up with the joneses” which further increased demand. We are confident that your man cave from Home Conversion Scotland will help you do this at an affordable rate compared to other companies in Scotland.

Man Cave Ideas

There are different ways our team can design your man cave depending on your likes and preferences. Every man cave should include a type of gaming or entertainment favourite. Different themes suit different people and we have experience installing various styles and designs. Pictured is a small putting green in a garden in Glasgow we installed outside of a man cave. Inside there is a home bar, which although not quite the 19th hole, still a decent place to hang out with friends after putting.


Maybe you prefer to have a gym, a games room or other traditional ideas. Other themes could go more towards music or movies. Pictured below is a small garden room we installed again in Glasgow which has this type of feel to it.

Other man cave features and ideas include; pool tables, poker tables, dartboards, music systems, refrigerators, bars, bar stools, arcade games, games consoles, sports memorabilia, large TV’s, and hot tubs.

How Much Does A Man Cave Cost in Scotland

Another aspect of man caves affected by COVID-19 is the cost!
The UK building industry has been hit hard by recent inflation and almost all the materials used to install a man cave now cost substantially more than they did two years ago.

In relation to cost, the first thing to remember is it will vary greatly depending on size and features. People contact us asking “how much for a man cave?” or “how much for a garden room?”. The price provided is almost never relevant once they have a home survey completed to allow an accurate quotation for your needs.

The market for man caves in Scotland tends to start FROM £8,999, however, you should also take into account the grey area of what a man cave is in terms of definition. Some people are pimping up garden sheds and selling them, there is a market for this, however, this is not what Home Conversion Scotland has to offer.
Our man caves are full insulated solid structures with additional custom features inside, they can also be house extensions or garage conversions
The best way to find out the cost is to call us or complete our short contact form to get a no-obligation chat about specifics on the phone with our in-house plan and design team. 

Man Cave Builders Scotland

Scottland has plenty of builders who can install a man cave. However, there are few things you need to factor in before choosing your mancave installer. 

The fundamentals of your decision should come down to quality and cost, our team offers a perfect balance of the two offering the assurance and security of a big company but not being as expensive as some of the outdoor building specialists.

Do your own research online, read company reviews and look at pictures of previous work. If the installer you are considering is lacking a portfolio or positive customer feedback from previous jobs this should ring alarm bells. When making such a large investment on home improvements, cutting corners to save a few grand here and there always comes with it’s own risks and hassle longer term.

In conclusion to this blog, a man cave is like a man’s sanctuary, offering some time to focus or relax. Therefore, ensure that your mancave represents and is compatible with your personality and contact Home Conversion Scotland today.

Other Garden Buildings

A garden is a place that has all the beauty of nature and can impart a peaceful and relaxed feeling to our minds. So spending some time in your garden can be very good for your health mind. The same is the case of garden buildings.

A garden building is a single or multipurpose space you set up in your garden, away from your home for different purposes. A garden can be an office room, a studio, a gym, a shepherd hut, an outdoor kitchen or a living room with a view of your garden and a relaxing environment.

The advantages of a garden building are:

  • Low building costs
  • Takes very less time to install
  • Can be used as soon as the installation is done
  • Highly durable, can last up to 30 years depending upon the type of material used
  • Easy to remove from the garden, compared to permanent buildings
  • Better aesthetics compared to permanent buildings
  • Easy to modify

A garden building is usually built to carry out any activity or work without any disturbances from the regular house activities. It helps you do whatever you do in a relaxed, peaceful and entertaining manner without any eyes from outside. Some of the popular and amazing garden buildings built are log cabins, wooden gazebos, garden sheds, wooden garages, summer houses, timber buildings, etc.

A garden building can have any purpose and is built according to this purpose. It can be fully sealed space suitable for office work or a partially open space for relaxation and enjoying nature. The features of each garden building will differ according to its use.

Some of the cool uses for a garden building are:

  • Hobby room
  • Gym
  • Home spa
  • Yoga space
  • A personal pub
  • Memorabilia room
  • A vintage game arcade
  • Guest room
  • Home office
  • Outdoor personal space for your grown-up child, till they find a space of their own
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